2225 Words

Midnight is 4 hours away. I’ve reached 2,225 words in the prologue of my novella, METAL MAN WALKING. I’m having so much fun. I probably can’t stay awake until midnight to start Chapter One, but I hope to have the prologue polished off before I fall into bed tonight. Thanks to any and all who are reading along.


1625 Words

This word-number-watching is wild. I’ve never been concerned about how many words I’ve written up until this challenge. I’m happy that Pages has an automatic word-count, or I’d be loony already. At this point, my prologue has reached an awesome 1625 words, including I presume the title and my name.

I’m really gearing up to get started on Chapter One at midnight, October 31st.

1367 Words

The prologue for my novella METAL MAN WALKING has reached 1367 words. Hope I’m not cheating by writing this much before the start date of November 1st for NaNoWriMo, 2011. This is akin to creating an outline of my novella. I’ve never outlined any work of fiction! I’ve only outlined for research papers!