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32,405 Words

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I wrote more in Chapter Twenty-Four: Still Walking, fleshing out Cindy. Her story is based in reality, by the way. I’ll blog about that on ‘obsecrations’ when this novel is finished. Deal? Deal. In the meantime, enjoy!

Please remember, this work is copyrighted and protected from illegal use. Writers, like mothers and fathers, are protective of their babies.


About lambskinny

How blessed are the feet of those who spread Good News! A born-again Christian who loves the Word of God, I endeavor to explore scripture in short posts due to my reduced attention span! I now write (or administrate) FIVE blogs: "Grace Partakers" "obsecrations" "Versatile Blogger Award" "Metal Man Walking" and "DooRFrame Books." Sometimes accused - yes! accused! - of being a Calvinist, I actually admit to believing God is Sovereign and God is Love.

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