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I just ordered a proof of ANNIE’S DREAM for review. I’m going to sit down with a hard (paperback) copy of my baby with my red pencil in hand, glass of red wine in the other, and I’m going to read, read, read and change, change, change and maybe add some more content, etc.


I’m so excited to see my baby in print.


This image shows a red wine glass.



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How blessed are the feet of those who spread Good News! A born-again Christian who loves the Word of God, I endeavor to explore scripture in short posts due to my reduced attention span! I now write (or administrate) FIVE blogs: "Grace Partakers" "obsecrations" "Versatile Blogger Award" "Metal Man Walking" and "DooRFrame Books." Sometimes accused - yes! accused! - of being a Calvinist, I actually admit to believing God is Sovereign and God is Love.

6 responses to “PROOF of ANNIE’S DREAM

  1. Thanks Simple Politiks. BUY my novel, wouldya! It’s available at (well, it will be soon) and on — just search Metal Man Walking in Books. Easy-pea-sy. Carley

    • PS – Look for it on as you will get a “page no longer found” message at CreateSpace until the new version is approved by me for distribution. It is in the review process as I made a few changes – fixed a typo, a spacing error, and a content mistake. Just FYI, readers.

  2. Thanks Zack. (One of my characters is named “Zach” – think I should change the spelling?)

  3. Thank you iGameMom.

  4. Thank you One Game Mom.

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