So Much in the Mood

I’ve still got the marked-up [with pencil] proof of ANNIE DREAMING on my bedside table along with the previous 2 proof copies.

I am so much in the mood to re-read, edit, and re-write… but, I am resisting. I admit I’m afraid to put away the 3 proof copies lest my mood deserts me too quickly.

Oh, come on…

Counting the days…


Hard to Avoid

ANNIE DREAMING – well, a proof copy of the novel – is sitting on my bedside table in my room, waiting, percolating. And, I must admit it’s hard not to pick her up to work on her. I am resisting.

Someone suggested that I set a time limit and reward myself with something special if I managed NOT to pick up ANNIE DREAMING before that date.

Good idea.

Now, with what shall I reward myself?

Putting Aside

I am putting aside ANNIE DREAMING sort of to let it percolate without me intruding into it. Annie knows who she is. Rick knows who he is. Charlie has a pretty good idea who he is. My job now is to let them work it out among themselves, and tell me in mid to late October what I need to change or add or delete in ANNIE DREAMING to make it all come together into the best ever novel.

a sampling of my writing style… from a flash fiction challenge… enjoy!


Fire of the Gods

by Carley Evans

Sitting here in the dark, on the ledge beside the opening to our cave, I’m happy to have the glow of the fire I stole from the Chakra in the valley. I can see their flame from here. It rises in the trees, sending eerie shadows into the limbs and canopy of the forest. I can faintly hear their chants. I presume they’re calling down rain from their god, Hotan. I look at the night sky. The stars laugh, twinkling. Not a wisp of cloud in the expanse. I don’t think it’s going to rain no matter how hard the Chakra pray.

Anu is snoring behind me. I can’t sleep when she snores so loudly. I tried rolling her over but she just rolled back and kept snoring. So, here I sit in the dark beside the small fire.

I remember when the…

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Adventures in Book Signing

Know how “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose?” Well, that was my day.

I got up in plenty of time, showered, dressed, drove to A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE for my book signing ( with my 3 – yes, only 3! – copies of METAL MAN WALKING in a cardboard box ). Arrived to find the doors locked and a sign in the window: “Sorry but we’re closed”.

Walked down to SINGLE SMILE CAFE, ordered coffee, waited a while, walked back to the bookstore. Still closed. Got my computer which I’d decided to bring along “just in case.”

Fooled around with ANNIE DREAMING re-write, edit. Drank my coffee. At 10 a.m. when the bookstore usually opens, walked back down, found it still closed. Then the owner’s husband with key in hand opens the door. I introduced myself, say I have a book signing scheduled for today, and he says, “Well, okay.”

I set up shop at a kiddie table – after all, this is a children’s bookstore.

The owner comes in a few minutes later, sets me up at a nice metal table with a wonderful stool-chair to boot. Within the two hours I’m there, I sell 2 copies! I’m thrilled. After all, I only had 3 with me.

God is mighty good, you know.

Major Shift, Mighty Slow Down

ANNIE DREAMING is again a work-in-progress. While in New York City, I read through again. And once more I found many little words to change and several larger items to alter. I even cut an entire chapter!

So, I’ve postponed my publication date to early December.

Thanks for bearing with me as I re-write.


Proof in hand, reading along I find a missing word – a little word that should be in a phrase so as to make the phrase work. The phrase, as written, is: “glance each other.” The little word “at” is missing. I stick it in the phrase with my pencil, then begin to get aggressive with the instrument.

Once more, I am adding sentences here and there, making small and not so small changes.

I have delayed ANNIE DREAMING again.

The joy of being a writer!

Proof Arrives


ANNIE DREAMING was on my front stoop this evening when I arrived home from work. I was pretty sure it’d be waiting for me, but when I opened it I was still quite thrilled.

It looks great. The formatting appears to be correct, and so far in the final (I hope!) read-through, I’ve found no obvious errors or glitches.

I expect to approve it soon.

Then I will post the link to my e-Store and of course you will be able to find it on

Thank you one and all for your support. I especially thank Jeff (and others) for reading METAL MAN WALKING and writing a review.


Proof of ANNIE DREAMING shipped

Yay! I ordered the proof of ANNIE DREAMING this morning aroud 5:30 a.m. I received an email saying that my proof has shipped. This means I should receive my copy tomorrow or Friday at the latest as it is printed locally –

Again, I’m very excited.