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Pet Excuses

Word Count: 47,315 in ANNIE’S DREAM.

A friend of mine (who also writes) says I am obsessed with my word count.

This is a technique to keep me focused on the discipline of writing. I’ve always known that I can write; the question and problem has been why don’t I write more?

The old excuses:

1) Writer’s block

2) Nothing to say

3) Fear of success (*ask me about this if you are interested)

4) Lack of time

Do you have any pet excuses for not writing? By the way, the number of words that I should write each day to complete a 50,000 word novel in a month is just about:

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How blessed are the feet of those who spread Good News! A born-again Christian who loves the Word of God, I endeavor to explore scripture in short posts due to my reduced attention span! I now write (or administrate) FIVE blogs: "Grace Partakers" "obsecrations" "Versatile Blogger Award" "Metal Man Walking" and "DooRFrame Books." Sometimes accused - yes! accused! - of being a Calvinist, I actually admit to believing God is Sovereign and God is Love.

7 responses to “Pet Excuses

  1. That’s a lot of words per day. I don’t know where I’d find the time, plus later in the day my brain shuts off. Some would argue it’s not just later in the day…

    • Trent,
      I write early in the morning before I go to work; then immediately after work until I go to sleep. In other words, I write during nearly ALL of my so-called ‘free’ time.
      Now, to be fair, I do this while I am actively working on a novel. Since ANNIE’S DREAM is only my 2nd novel (this year) – my 3rd in my lifetime – I’m writing often.
      I regret that I didn’t do this earlier in my life, but hey – hindsight is golden, as they say.

      • Well, that is quite encouraging actually. I know that if you actively work at making time, it will be made, just has to click in my head. Between work and family, time is fleeting, but writing is more enjoyable than the typical time-sucking enterprises. Just have to remember. Thanks for encouraging words, I think it’s great that you’ve done so much writing – two novels in one year!

      • Thanks! And you’re welcome – we all need encouragement,

      • Yup, that’s true. And the good examples of people who find a way…

      • Trent,
        The only way I know is to have a goal to write a certain number of words a day. Even if you don’t make the goal of 1700 words, the effort will enliven you and make you happy to be writing… well, it works for me, anyway.

  2. Thanks Chelsea and That Dude Eddie.

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