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I’ve heard that agents and publishers and perhaps even readers get wary when you admit you wrote a novel in 30 days. National Novel Writing Month – i.e. November – is called “30 days of literary abandon” for a reason. Every day, we Wrimos write – or hope to write – approximately 1700 words on an imagined novel. We imagine the novel. Some of us outline it. I laugh. “Outline? What’s an outline?” Rather, I have a vague idea of my main character and a clearer idea of what changes him, hopefully for the better.

So, Happy All Saints’ Eve. And know I’m getting geared up to write 50,000 words in 30 days beginning at midnight.


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DooRFrame Books

Today – at the very end of my day – a nurse at the hospital where I work who bought and read and loved METAL MAN WALKING saw me at the same time I saw her. I told her, “I’ve published ANNIE DREAMING.” And, she said, “I saw you earlier. I wondered. I started to stop you but I didn’t want to pressure you.”

She didn’t want to pressure me!Amazing!

Marketing my novels is not my forte. That this nurse was worried about approaching me in the same manner I’m wary of approaching potential customers is so gratifying.

And yes, she bought a copy of ANNIE DREAMING!


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DooRFrame Books

The doorbell rings. I think it’s the people come to close my pool for the season. Nope, it’s the UPS truck delivering a box. I know in the box are 15 copies of ANNIE DREAMING, some pre-ordered but most taken out – so to speak – in faith.

They’re beautiful except the first one out of the box has a slightly bent cover. Think I’ll call Createspace. I’ve never complained before, so…

Maybe they’ll send me another.


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First Internet Sale!


The excitement of selling your novel is extraordinary. I’ve had some “pre-publication-orders” from people who’ve read METAL MAN WALKING, but this morning a friend of mine from WordPress actually went out on a limb and purchased my novel, ANNIE DREAMING from directly. Now, that’s awesome. (Thanks, Michael!)

I realize that it’s hard to go out on that limb and buy a novel from some ‘unknown’ author. But, I can tell you without equivocation, that I’m a fine writer.

God gifted me with this talent, and I love Him for it. I thank Him every day – heck, almost every waking minute – with my love of language – yes, specifically the English language. I ask Him to help me be faithful in actually USING this gift!

I start STREET PREACHER on November 1st as part of NaNoWriMo 2012. I plan to write a rough draft of this new novel in 30 days. The aim is 50,000 words by midnight, November 30th, 2012.

Please pray for me!