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Floating Up and Through My Head

In Starbucks at the hospital day before yesterday, standing in line. A fellow worker at the hospital catches my attention, says, “I’m reading METAL MAN WALKING. I love it. I love the way you write.” Then she mentions Dan Brown – I think – and says a few more wonderful things about my writing and my novel that sort of float up over my head and around or through my ears into and out of my brain so that I’ve no idea what else she says.

Now, all I need are more readers!


About lambskinny

How blessed are the feet of those who spread Good News! A born-again Christian who loves the Word of God, I endeavor to explore scripture in short posts due to my reduced attention span! I now write (or administrate) FIVE blogs: "Grace Partakers" "obsecrations" "Versatile Blogger Award" "Metal Man Walking" and "DooRFrame Books." Sometimes accused - yes! accused! - of being a Calvinist, I actually admit to believing God is Sovereign and God is Love.

4 responses to “Floating Up and Through My Head

  1. Thanks Lesley, My Other Voices, and Patrick.

  2. Thanks Bottled Worder, Chelsea, and Forging Shadows.

  3. Thanks Moment Matters.

  4. Thanks I Game Mom!

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