I wish that everyone would buy a copy; it’s such a good book…

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Sometimes rain is so refreshing – a hard rain, yes; but also a sprinkling that coats the sidewalk with dark wetness then dissipates.

METAL MAN WALKING sales are not a deluge, but a sprinkle.

Still, each sale is as refreshing as a fine rain.

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Annie Dreaming–A Parallel Story
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December 6, 2012 By J. Bickley “Music Man”

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Annie Dreaming, by Carley Eason Evans is a parallel story that goes with her first book, Metal Man Walking. Both books chronicle a segment in the lives of the Logan family. The focal point in Metal Man was Charlie, but this book centers more on Annie, his little sister, as well as his older brother, Rick. I’ll also say that both books stand alone as novels, not needing the other for understanding.By the time this book was over, I cared deeply about the characters in the book. I already cared about Charlie, because of Metal Man, but seeing the relationships between all of the members of this family made me care about them even more.

There are disturbing images in the tale, images of domestic abuse, and mindsets long outdated…

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“BTW, “Annie Dreaming” is excellent. I was detained from getting into it, but am now about half way… this is one really good write. Hoping to finish it over the next couple of days, and will submit reviews and an ad here. If one wasn’t willing to give Charlie a fair shake in MMW, they will find themselves humbled after learning of these contributing details in AD. Also, love the carry-in to Nam and Rick. Way to go, good friend!”

– Michael Sweat, friend and fellow blogger


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