A recent ( new ) review of METAL MAN WALKING, a novel by me – that’s Carley Eason Evans.

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A Great Take on a Modern Trouble, July 31, 2013

This review is from: Metal Man Walking (Paperback)

Really, a book about a homeless man? How good could it be? But I bought Metal Man Walking because Carley is my friend and I wanted to read my friend’s book.

Honestly, it sat on my shelf for quite a while until one dull, rainy Sunday afternoon. I had nothing better to do, so I figured I’d read a couple chapters. After those couple chapters I was still turning pages . . . straight through to the end.

I was thoroughly amazed at Carley’s development of her main character and his life, where he came from, his relationships, his potential and his reasons for being homeless. Carley weaves the story from the present to the past and back. You meet his family, his baseball buddies, his friends, and most importantly…

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Presently working hard – day and night – for the entire month of April ( and, of course, beyond ) on my new novel, THE EIGHT-FOOT BOY. Follow me @ DooRFrame Books as I struggle to set aside my first love to go forth and perform my second love, WORK! Ha ha.

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My proposed book cover for my yet unfinished, still in the works novel. Any thoughts?

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ImageThe Spring issue of local magazine, AZALEA came out yesterday. I’d taken myself out to dinner, spied it at the restaurant ( it’s complimentary ), grabbed two copies, and headed home. Inside, I found a single page devoted to self-published books by local authors.

ImageBelow this nice description of how self-publishing has changed the world of writing, reading and yes – publishing, I found the short description of METAL MAN WALKING.

ImageSo, pick up a copy today. Just as AZALEA indicates, METAL MAN WALKING may be ordered from your local bookstore, purchased online at Amazon.com either in paperback or Kindle format.

Happy reading!

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