Spent yesterday and this evening reading through ANNIE’S DREAM. I’m amazed at how many changes I made over the last 36 hours or so. Almost every page has pencil marks or new sentences scribbled here and there.

I’m too exhausted from lack of sleep and tired eyes to complete the re-write on my computer right now. That task is left for tomorrow and Sunday.



Unable to sleep last night, I sat up in bed to read ANNIE’S DREAM through again with my pen in hand. I wrote several new sentences, corrected words I didn’t care for, added a paragraph here and there.












My novel, companion to METAL MAN WALKING, is close to birthing.  

Get ready!

The Proof is in the Pudding

A physical copy of a book is a wonderful thing – to hold your novel (even in its unfinished state) and look at it is something akin to joyful singing! or something like that. At any rate, when I opened ANNIE’S DREAM to see the bright white paper and the blocky-looking font, I groaned. So, it’s back to cream colored paper and the font Baskerville.
I also realized I’d left out an important exploration of a major character in the Logan family, so I’m working on several chapters about him – that’s Jim, the Logan patriarch.



I just ordered a proof of ANNIE’S DREAM for review. I’m going to sit down with a hard (paperback) copy of my baby with my red pencil in hand, glass of red wine in the other, and I’m going to read, read, read and change, change, change and maybe add some more content, etc.


I’m so excited to see my baby in print.


This image shows a red wine glass.


ANNIE’S DREAM Moving Along Full-Speed

This morning, I took myself out of my house to work on ANNIE’S DREAM at Single Smile Cafe in my hometown. I am now 43,129 words into this companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING.

A thought on writing a novel


When I was smaller, younger – whatever! I wrote a story that I really liked. It was about 2 or 3 pages in length and consisted of a conversation between two ‘lovers’ – young, innocent, confused boy and girl. At any rate, I remember the comment now that ought to have changed my thought process about writing but didn’t. The comment then was: “this is just an interlude.”

A novel, I’ve discovered, is a series of interconnected interludes.

I’ve always been a novelist; I didn’t know it.


More Words for ANNIE’S DREAM

My companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING now has 41,021 words. ANNIE’S DREAM has a life of its own. I’m along for the ride. Read about Charlie Logan – check out my preview or buy this novel on or at my e-Store.