Companion Novel Well Underway

37,618 words, page 188 on ANNIE’S DREAM, companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING.




This morning I have 32,715 words written on ANNIE’S DREAM (working title) which is my companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING. The characters – Annabelle, Richard, Jim, Judith, Susan and Michael Lesser, the Holmes, Dave Pisstleton and others – have taken over. When my characters direct the words, I find I am a better author.

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Charlie’s in Columbia, S.C. and Annie’s in Columbia University — ANNIE’S DREAM is moving along, the characters are taking over the plot now that they are fully developed and alive and well… Read Charlie’s story in METAL MAN WALKING, available at my e-Store and on



ANNIE’S DREAM, companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING is coming along. Just finished 23,385 words and now in Chapter 32 which is about Annie at Columbia University dreaming of Charlie, her brother. He’s fallen into a dark hole, but she can’t reach him.

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Working Title: ANNIE’S DREAM

As of this morning, ANNIE’S DREAM, my companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING is 28 Chapters long with 21,173 words so far.

Several readers of METAL MAN WALKING continue to ask me about characters other than Charlie. ANNIE’S DREAM, at this point, focuses on Rick, Jim and his relationship with his sons, and Judith’s family — Michael and Susan Lesser, and her parents Joel and Alena Holmes. Vietnam figures prominently in this piece of fiction.

Just an update, and a teaser. ANNIE’S DREAM should be available by Spring, 2013 although I have set my sights on Christmas, 2012.


Second Proof Arrives

Yesterday, I arrived home from the hospital where I work and on my front stoop, a package — inside, my second proof. Looks just like the novel as it will be printed for distribution except for P-R-O-O-F capitalized and stamped on the inside of the back cover.

I’ve proofed — for the umpteenth time — the first six or so chapters so far and found little errors here and there; so it’s not ready yet.