Unable to sleep last night, I sat up in bed to read ANNIE’S DREAM through again with my pen in hand. I wrote several new sentences, corrected words I didn’t care for, added a paragraph here and there.












My novel, companion to METAL MAN WALKING, is close to birthing.  

Get ready!


More Words for ANNIE’S DREAM

My companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING now has 41,021 words. ANNIE’S DREAM has a life of its own. I’m along for the ride. Read about Charlie Logan – check out my preview or buy this novel on or at my e-Store.



ANNIE’S DREAM, companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING is coming along. Just finished 23,385 words and now in Chapter 32 which is about Annie at Columbia University dreaming of Charlie, her brother. He’s fallen into a dark hole, but she can’t reach him.

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