Taking Care

Last night, I changed the order of two chapters in ANNIE DREAMING. This morning, I added perhaps 2 to 3 sentences in one paragraph in one chapter, and 4 to 5 sentences at the end of another chapter. I changed a few words in another chapter.

Now, I’ve changed the back cover description of the novel for the umpteenth time. I’ve uploaded all the files. Now I wait for the all clear signal and see if I am finally ready to publish.

I tinkered briefly with the idea of publishing METAL MAN WALKING for Kindle, then backed away from that idea again. Seems as if my book can slip into the public domain on whim and be worthless or can change price on whim and be worthless in terms of money anyway.

No, it’s not about the money. But, who gives babies away? Only mothers who don’t love them or can’t take care of them. I love my babies, and I’m taking care of them!



Read-through and edit complete


Hopefully my quick read-through and edit doesn’t seem too quick. I’m a determined person. Once I start a writing task, I find it difficult to step away from it until it’s done. My legs bear witness to this – right now, my thighs are numb from being in the same position for so long. I must get up, take a swim, get some blood flowing. No wonder I’ve gained weight!

At any rate, ANNIE DREAMING is done – again.

I’ve uploaded the files, re-worked the cover. Now I wait for CreateSpace to tell me that my proof is ready for review.

Once I’ve reviewed it, I’ll likely step away for a week, peruse the manuscript one more time, then hit “publish.”


Once more into the ‘edit’

Thursday evening – that’s when it was still September – I break down and begin to re-read ANNIE DREAMING. Presently I am well into it at page 31 or so.

I make minor changes here and there, usually a change of word choice or phrase order in a sentence. You know, to see if a different word works better or if changing the phrase order makes for a better sentence or a better paragraph. I usually can’t tell whether the latter change enhances or harms. Likely the phrase order change is a matter of taste and has no real effect on the novel.

One chapter I start and skip. Not a good sign. Pencil in hand, I come back to that chapter now.

ANNIE DREAMING is on the surgery table.

So Much in the Mood

I’ve still got the marked-up [with pencil] proof of ANNIE DREAMING on my bedside table along with the previous 2 proof copies.

I am so much in the mood to re-read, edit, and re-write… but, I am resisting. I admit I’m afraid to put away the 3 proof copies lest my mood deserts me too quickly.

Oh, come on…

Counting the days…

Hard to Avoid

ANNIE DREAMING – well, a proof copy of the novel – is sitting on my bedside table in my room, waiting, percolating. And, I must admit it’s hard not to pick her up to work on her. I am resisting.

Someone suggested that I set a time limit and reward myself with something special if I managed NOT to pick up ANNIE DREAMING before that date.

Good idea.

Now, with what shall I reward myself?

Putting Aside

I am putting aside ANNIE DREAMING sort of to let it percolate without me intruding into it. Annie knows who she is. Rick knows who he is. Charlie has a pretty good idea who he is. My job now is to let them work it out among themselves, and tell me in mid to late October what I need to change or add or delete in ANNIE DREAMING to make it all come together into the best ever novel.

Adventures in Book Signing

Know how “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose?” Well, that was my day.

I got up in plenty of time, showered, dressed, drove to A VERY LITTLE BOOKSTORE for my book signing ( with my 3 – yes, only 3! – copies of METAL MAN WALKING in a cardboard box ). Arrived to find the doors locked and a sign in the window: “Sorry but we’re closed”.

Walked down to SINGLE SMILE CAFE, ordered coffee, waited a while, walked back to the bookstore. Still closed. Got my computer which I’d decided to bring along “just in case.”

Fooled around with ANNIE DREAMING re-write, edit. Drank my coffee. At 10 a.m. when the bookstore usually opens, walked back down, found it still closed. Then the owner’s husband with key in hand opens the door. I introduced myself, say I have a book signing scheduled for today, and he says, “Well, okay.”

I set up shop at a kiddie table – after all, this is a children’s bookstore.

The owner comes in a few minutes later, sets me up at a nice metal table with a wonderful stool-chair to boot. Within the two hours I’m there, I sell 2 copies! I’m thrilled. After all, I only had 3 with me.

God is mighty good, you know.

Major Shift, Mighty Slow Down

ANNIE DREAMING is again a work-in-progress. While in New York City, I read through again. And once more I found many little words to change and several larger items to alter. I even cut an entire chapter!

So, I’ve postponed my publication date to early December.

Thanks for bearing with me as I re-write.


Proof in hand, reading along I find a missing word – a little word that should be in a phrase so as to make the phrase work. The phrase, as written, is: “glance each other.” The little word “at” is missing. I stick it in the phrase with my pencil, then begin to get aggressive with the instrument.

Once more, I am adding sentences here and there, making small and not so small changes.

I have delayed ANNIE DREAMING again.

The joy of being a writer!