NaNoWriMo Badges

I’ve earned 5 of the 10 NaNoWriMo badges that I’m excited to iron-on some piece of clothing I either already own or that I’ll purchase cheaply at Goodwill, in honor of my main character, Charlie Logan.

I’ve earned the following badges:

1) NaNo Socializing – for attending the Summerville Write-in last Sunday.

2) Creative Nonfiction – for including real-life events in my novella

3) Eureka Moment – for experiencing an “a-hah!” moment when my story sort of ‘came together.’

4) Caffeine Abuse – for consuming dangerous amounts of caffeine in my quest for 50K words.

5) Word-Count Padding – for quoting song lyrics once and adding a few dream sequences in order to pad the word count, sort of anyway.