ANNIE DREAMING is now available on!



I just this moment approved my last proof of ANNIE DREAMING. With that approval, it’s published. Asking $14.50 on my e-Store.

Should be available on in 5-7 business days.

Consider purchasing directly from my e-Store.

Thanks so very much for your support, readers!

Read-through and edit complete


Hopefully my quick read-through and edit doesn’t seem too quick. I’m a determined person. Once I start a writing task, I find it difficult to step away from it until it’s done. My legs bear witness to this – right now, my thighs are numb from being in the same position for so long. I must get up, take a swim, get some blood flowing. No wonder I’ve gained weight!

At any rate, ANNIE DREAMING is done – again.

I’ve uploaded the files, re-worked the cover. Now I wait for CreateSpace to tell me that my proof is ready for review.

Once I’ve reviewed it, I’ll likely step away for a week, peruse the manuscript one more time, then hit “publish.”


Proof Arrives


ANNIE DREAMING was on my front stoop this evening when I arrived home from work. I was pretty sure it’d be waiting for me, but when I opened it I was still quite thrilled.

It looks great. The formatting appears to be correct, and so far in the final (I hope!) read-through, I’ve found no obvious errors or glitches.

I expect to approve it soon.

Then I will post the link to my e-Store and of course you will be able to find it on

Thank you one and all for your support. I especially thank Jeff (and others) for reading METAL MAN WALKING and writing a review.


Proof of ANNIE DREAMING shipped

Yay! I ordered the proof of ANNIE DREAMING this morning aroud 5:30 a.m. I received an email saying that my proof has shipped. This means I should receive my copy tomorrow or Friday at the latest as it is printed locally –

Again, I’m very excited.

Final – ? – Proof Ordered

This morning, I ordered the final proof of ANNIE DREAMING – assuming the spacing ( uh, that’s formatting ) is correct; that no typos exist, that I don’t have a sudden epiphany – add this, take this out, change this around – it will be available this weekend on

Of course, you know I’ll let you in on its release! I’m just so excited like a mother ready to give birth.

Hang on tight, everyone!


Spent yesterday and this evening reading through ANNIE’S DREAM. I’m amazed at how many changes I made over the last 36 hours or so. Almost every page has pencil marks or new sentences scribbled here and there.

I’m too exhausted from lack of sleep and tired eyes to complete the re-write on my computer right now. That task is left for tomorrow and Sunday.


Proof ordered

I just proofed ANNIE’S DREAM quickly online, and decided it looked good enough to order a hard copy. I should receive it in a few days since it is printed here in Charleston. Again, I’m excited to see it in “real” life, so to speak.