Spent yesterday and this evening reading through ANNIE’S DREAM. I’m amazed at how many changes I made over the last 36 hours or so. Almost every page has pencil marks or new sentences scribbled here and there.

I’m too exhausted from lack of sleep and tired eyes to complete the re-write on my computer right now. That task is left for tomorrow and Sunday.


Proof is ready

Proof is ready to order – unfortunately I keep making changes and uploading a new file so now I’m lost… I’ll need to proof my novel online and then again in print, unless I make more changes…

ANNIE’S DREAM – here I come!

Working Title: ANNIE’S DREAM

As of this morning, ANNIE’S DREAM, my companion novel to METAL MAN WALKING is 28 Chapters long with 21,173 words so far.

Several readers of METAL MAN WALKING continue to ask me about characters other than Charlie. ANNIE’S DREAM, at this point, focuses on Rick, Jim and his relationship with his sons, and Judith’s family — Michael and Susan Lesser, and her parents Joel and Alena Holmes. Vietnam figures prominently in this piece of fiction.

Just an update, and a teaser. ANNIE’S DREAM should be available by Spring, 2013 although I have set my sights on Christmas, 2012.