The Author

Carley Eason Evans starts writing when she is about ten years old. Her first poem is published in EXILE the Denison University ‘literary’ magazine. She writes a novella her senior year, but doesn’t realize she’s meant to be a novelist as well as a poet. She publishes two poems in Bowling Green University’s ‘literary’ magazine, THE PENNY DREADFUL in her first year after graduating from Denison with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Writing. She writes short stories and more poems. But it is not until November, 2011 that Carley writes a novel in 30 days and realizes she is a novelist. For Carley, the novel is a series of interludes that are interconnected and interdependent. What a wonderful discovery!

Feel free to read METAL MAN WALKING which you may order online through my e-Store or at or you may ASK for at any bookstore or library. Likely, the bookstore and library will need to order it but this novel is available in that manner. If not, please please let Carley know.

A comment here will do the trick.

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Denison University

Denison University


9 responses to “The Author

  1. Thanks for liking my post about spring fever! And good luck with your novel!


    • You’re welcome, Marci.
      As for METAL MAN WALKING, I am in the process of the re-write. The version online is already out-of-date, but I hate to just take it down completely.
      If you have the time and inclination, I’d love to have you read it.
      God bless!

  2. Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and clicking the Like button. You have an intersting challenge to meet. I don’t believe I have ever seen this done before.

    • Isaiah, I actually completed a 60,000 word novella in 30 days! I am in the process of editing it, and planning to publish it on CreateSpace and as an iBook. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Carla

    Completely impressed is an understatement! What a challenge I could only hope to achieve! I am writing a book, but I’ll tell ya, it’s so hard for me to get the time to myself to actually write and roll thoughts around in my head. It’s not that I’m terribly busy, but I have a tiny home packed with 4 people and 4 pets. 🙂 It’s getting there, though. Mine is a collection of essays, short stories (all true) and some poetry splashes.

  4. Updated THE AUTHOR this morning because — well, because…

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